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The overall goal of MULTISOURCE project (ModULar Tools for Integrating enhanced natural treatment SOlutions in URban water CyclEs) is to, together with local, national, and international stakeholders, demonstrate a variety of about Enhanced Natural Treatment Solutions (ENTS) treating a wide range of urban waters and to develop innovative tools, methods, and business models that support citywide planning and long-term operations and maintenance of nature-based solutions for water treatment, storage, and reuse in urban areas worldwide.MULTISOURCE will allow users to identify multiple sources for local water reuse, promote increased uptake of nature-based solutions, and minimize discharge of water that has not received adequate treatment. MULTISOURCE will deliver new knowledge about ENTS and their ability to remove waterborne contaminants and provide effective risk reduction for chemical and biological hazards, as well as their capacity to be integrated into the landscape and contribute to the improvement of urban habitats. The project includes seven pilots treating a wide range of urban waters. Two individual municipalities (Girona, Spain; Oslo, Norway), two metropolitan municipalities (Lyon, France; Milan, Italy), and international partners in Brazil, Vietnam, and the USA will contribute to each of the main project activities: ENTS pilots, risk assessment, business models, technology selection, and the MULTISOURCE Planning Platform. The use of urban archetypes in the Planning Platform will enable users to quickly classify regions (in both developed or developing countries) suitable for the application of nature-based solutions for water treatment (NBSWT) and compare scenarios both with and without NBSWT. This unique approach provides the knowledge, business models, and modular tools that will enable stakeholders to conduct fit-to-purpose, large-scale planning in their local region and, in doing so, promote circularity and sustainable development in the urban water sector and overcome barriers to widespread uptake of nature based solutions for water treatment.Main aims are to:

  • demonstrate the pollutant removal and risk abatement capacities of enhanced natural treatment systems, as well as the ecosystem benefits and values they provide;
  • enable stakeholders in developed and developing countries, including local municipality and metropolitan areas government staff, to reduce pressure on existing infrastructure and freshwater resources by using MULTISOURCE tools to plan, finance, and implement NBSWT in their region;
  • accelerate the uptake of nature-based solutions in urban water management worldwide;
  • normalize social equality as an integral target of green infrastructure and smart urban development;
  • enhance cross-sectoral international collaboration among governmental staff (both practitioners and policy makers), educators, researchers, and the general public.

Vrednost projekta: 5.169.165 EUR (sofinanciranje EU 4.999.631,25)
Sodelujoči partnerji: Poleg vodilnega partnerja sodeluje še 19 partnerjev iz različnih držav, vključno s FER.
Trajanje projekta: junij 2021–maj 2025
Sofinancer projekta: This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101003527.

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